Next Curtain / CEK Portfolio


Ear Salad Animated Music Video Reel

A demonstration reel of animated music videos created by Next Curtain. Complete videos can be viewed on Ear Salad's You Tube channel.

WMSTRA Explainer Video

An explainer video for WMSTRA, a logistics company. All animation, images, and audio created by Next Curtain/CEK.

Motion Graphics Reel

A collection of motion graphic animations we've done with our partners at CEK247 over the past year. All graphics, animation, and music were created in house.

3D Models and Animation

Bucket and Towel

Bucket and Towel

3D model. Full size.


3D City Model

A 3D model of a fictional city. Part of a fly-through created for a presentation intro. Full size.

CEK 3D video intro

Logos and Branding

NC/CEK Animated Logo Reel

FormGel animated logo — long version

BTA gif

BTA animated logo gif

Full size.

Audio Design and Production

Audio/Video montage featuring music created by Next Curtain and CEK.

Sound effects demo reel.

Sound design demo reel.

Web and Social Media

Sports balls gif

Animated gifs and SVGs

Animated SVGs and gifs. Click image for a full page of samples.

Custom branded animations and sticker packs for social media

Click image to view full sample set.

Racer's banner ad

Banner Ads